About Meg

IMG_8131-Edit Meg in Brockwell Park-2I was born and raised in the US, and moved to the UK in 2001 with my job at a financial services technology provider. With 15 years of experience in client-facing and leadership roles, I have a strong understanding of financial services operations and how to manage and lead global and virtual teams.  Ultimately, though, I believe that whatever sector we work in or title we have, we’re all people who have unique goals and ways of looking at the world.

I’ve always been a “people person” so when I discovered coaching in January 2012, I was so excited about a role that allows me to use my skills of listening and holding space for people to talk honestly and openly, understanding more about what makes people tick, advocating and championing people, and challenging individuals and teams to be the best they can be.

Training and qualifications

In August 2014, I completed the Core Curriculum of over 100 hours of training with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a global provider of coaching training and recognised by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the professional body for coaches. In June 2016, I gained my professional certification through CTI as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and accreditation by the ICF as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

I have also been trained in Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), which leverages systems thinking and relationship systems intelligence.  Groups, teams, couples, and partnerships can all benefit from systems coaching.

I am a member of the ICF and adhere to their ethics of coaching.  Learning is a core value of mine, so I also seize opportunities to learn at every opportunity, including participating in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and in coaching meet-ups and skills training.

My purpose

I am a wife, a daughter, and the mother of two primary-school-aged boys, so I know what a complex juggling act it can be to be a working parent or caregiver. I am passionate about creating work environments that honour the need for us to mesh our work and lives together – whether that be through flexible working arrangements, ensuring that people are the right matches for their jobs, or career progression and planning that recognises that our needs and wants at work change as our life circumstances change.  I also know that leaders set the tone for their organisations’ success and can create positive ripple effects in their teams, businesses, and organisations.  Above all, I empower people at all levels to work and live with meaning, impact, and purpose.

I love a good dance floor playing cheesy pop music, am very happy outdoors being active – usually trying to keep up with the kids rather than running for enjoyment, and am often on the lookout for the elusive weekend afternoon nap.