Career Coaching

One of my philosophies is that we all deserve the chance to do work we love, to apply our skills and talents to their best use, and to feel like we make the difference we want to make in our careers.

About one-third of our lives is spent working.  Work, for many people, is an essential part of who we are.  We value work for many reasons.  Certainly the financial aspect is important – an income allows us pay our bills, support family members, do things we like outside of work, and more.  But work also gives us a chance to collaborate with other people or apply independent thinking, be creative, contribute to a shared purpose, socialise, feel recognised for our efforts, and other motivators that contribute to our sense of well-being.

So what happens when work starts to feel like an uphill battle, when you’re not sure about the reasons why you’re slogging away, working way more than 9-5, and you’ve lost that loving feeling with your work?

You may know that you’re not doing what you’re meant to do, but you may not know what else it it is that you would do instead.

You may know exactly what it is you’d like to be doing, but you’re worried about leaving a safe and stable job to go do it.

Or, you may tell yourself that you’re not type of person who knows how to make a career change, and maybe things aren’t really so bad after all, so you leave the thought for another day.

I’d love to help you!

It’s scary to consider a career change.  I know from experience.  I also know that the cost of being unhappy and miserable in your job is quite a high one to pay.

My career coaching program is based on the Firework career change program, a 3-part process to explore what it is you’d love to do (while getting clear on aspects such as your strengths, values, ideal working environment), dream what the possibilities are, and discover how to make your ideal work a reality.  You’ll have 12, hour-long phone or Skype coaching sessions, and we’ll work together to uncover what it is that will make you feel great about Monday mornings, and how to get there.

By getting clear about your personal mission, you’ll feel more alive and energised to do that very thing.

And that can only be good for the world, and for you and the people you care about.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss what’s possible with finding and doing work you love.  You can do it.